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 Virtual Stikfas
  Virtual Stikfas

I started to put together a small program for my own entertainment to help test the limits of what I had learned in the latest Adobe Flash CS3 software, especially the new ActionScript 3 language. The original concept was a simple drag-n-drop system to move accessories from one area over top of a blank Stikfas figure. As I learned more of what Flash was able to do I kept expanding the parameters. The end result was the Virtual Stikfas site.

The first concept that I put into practice was the drag and drop feature. From there I worked out how to use ActionScript 3 to change tints for color adjustments. Then came adding scrolling bars and the mouse scroll wheel to hold longer lists of accessory parts. Rotation and z-index positioning were all adjusted using code. Finally, the last big advance was working with ActionScript and PHP to save a "snapshot" image of the figure on the screen directly to the server as a JPEG. This allows people to share their creations by linking to the image of them directly.

I'm very pleased with the functionality that I was able to create in stages with this site. This was a good introduction to the concept of object oriented programming as well, as I applied classes to multiple items to help manage them and their actions more easily.


"Simpler is better."

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