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 UWYO Video Dashboard
  UWYO Video Dashboard

The University of Wyoming has a large number of videos from a wide variety of sources. While I was employed there one of my first projects was to work out the best way to showcase those videos in an online format, one that any department could link to and that could be used as a central repository for all things "UWYO" in video form.

The "multimedia dashboard" I created is written in ASP and stores the information about each video that is added to it in an Oracle database. The administrative side has simple form fields that are filled in to describe the videos, give them keywords and then link to the video file itself, wherever it happens to be stored.

Since the site is database-driven, it can sort and redisplay videos based on relationships and categories on the fly. It also accepts and displays videos in Flash, Quicktime and Windows Media formats, plus can display YouTube videos or audio-only clips. Click the image or link above to visit the website and try it out for yourself.


"Simpler is better."

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