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 Food Handler Training
  Food Handler Training

Working as part of a team for Extended Education & Outreach in partnership with the Food Sciences department and the Lancaster Health Department I helped to design and build a training website for Food Handler Safety. The website is an online version of the face-to-face training that is required to receive a permit to serve food in Lancaster county.

My role on the team was to create an Adobe Flash-based website that incorporated a number of user-interaction activities. These were in the form of short video clips and "games" used as learning tools for those that would be handling food.

In this particular activity I designed a Flash program to mimic the "magnetic poetry" game that you sometimes see on refrigerators. A partial sentence is displayed with missing words which can be dragged and dropped into the correct locations to complete the statement. Only when the correct placement is made can the user continue on to the next activity.

In addition to the Flash activities I also created the code necessary to present mid-point quizzes that were graded automatically, a final Unit test that pulled random questions from a MySQL database and an administrative website to keep track of user accounts and their progress through the training. I also worked with the Lancaster County IS department to allow online payments through the website in order to purchase training accounts.


"Simpler is better."

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