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 UWYO Calendar of Events
  UWYO Calendar of Events

Another project from the University of Wyoming was to develop an online calendar system to display events from all departments across campus. An "events" section in the home-grown content management system already existed. However, it had never been taken to the next level and integrated into a central calendar display.

Expanding on the existing events module I put together the current "Calendar and Events" system for UWYO. The events themselves are stored in an Oracle database by each individual department on campus through a web-based form. The information is then pulled from the database through ASP code to be displayed in a calendar format.

The calendar itself was programmed entirely from scratch, including the display methods for the daily, weekly and default monthly views. RSS feeds were created and are done in such a way that each department can link to just the events from their own section if they wish. As the system is database-driven, it can be sorted by any date, changed to any display mode and show specific categories of events simply by choosing those options from drop-down lists. The colors and layout were also implemented using CSS in order to help it degrade gracefully in older browsers or on mobile devices.

The ability to allow departments to submit their own events to be included in a single, master calendar was well received. This function was used to help sway some departments into using the content management system that had been hesitant to join before.


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