PS2 MiniCon Loadout Calculator

Aurora: Heavy Ribbon Beam
Claymore: Proximity Mines
Covert: Invisibilty
Hailstorm: Quad Rocket Launcher
Hawkeye: Energon Vision/Thermal Vision
Highjump: Boost Jump
Overwatch: Impact/Energon Shotgun/ Gun
Shieldwall: Ballistic Shield
Shockpunch: Damages Enemies Touched
Stronghold: Heavy Armor
Twister: Energon Tornado

Deflector: Energy Weapon Shield
Firefight: Super Heavy Blaster
Fullspeed: Super Dash
Slipstream: Glide/Flight

Aftershock: Super Heavy Cannon
Buildup: Auto Repair
Bulletproof: Medium Armor
Corona: Super Ribbon Beam
Failsafe: Heavy Homing Missile


L2     R2

Maximum Power Available
Prime: 10 | HotShot: 8 | Red Alert: 8

Loadout Notes: Choosing more MiniCons of the same color will recharge each MiniCon's energon faster. I.E., three Blue MiniCons will recharge faster than just two. Also make sure L2 and R2 are different. Some MiniCons are shared between the two buttons.

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Flashbang: Dual Rocket Launcher
Kickback: Reflection Shield
Knockdown: EMP Blast
Lookout: Sniper Rifle
Pressurepoint: Melee Attack Power Raised
Rangefinder: Zoom/Weapon Range Upgrade
Tractor: Tractor Beam

Airburst: Flak Cannon
Comeback: Resurrection
Discord: Enemy AI Scramber
Shepherd: Mini-con Sensor
Sparkjump: Electrical Arc Gun
Watchdog: Lipet Mines

Highgear: Dash
Jumpstart: Super Heavy Arc Gun
Lock-on: Homing Missile
Safeguard: Light Armor
Skirmish: Heavy Blaster
Slapshot: Grenade Launcher
Smackdown: Super Melee Attack Power